Covid Cleaning Procedures for our Self Catered Chalets

Elevation Alps Housekeeping team service with a smile

The cleanliness of our self catered chalets is of the utmost important and right now, with the Covid pandemic, even more so.
After a long spring of lockdown we here at Elevation Alps in Morzine, France we are chomping at the bit to get back to what we do best – providing the best self catered chalets and apartment for ski and summer holidays.
This year of course we felt we had the additional responsibility of making sure our guests felt secure and safe in staying in another home.

World Heath Organisation guidelines

With this in mind we ensured we researched the most up to date guidelines set out by W.H.O. and our local authorities to make sure we were equipped with the right materials and information and set about adjusting our procedures accordingly.
Management should inform all staffs of the measures to be adopted and the measures that could protect their health and that of others”  – W.H.O.
At the beginning of our summer season we held a briefing with our staff and talked through our checklists for additional procedures.  We provided each person with PPE and instructed them on where and how to use the disinfecting products.

Special attention should be given to objects that are frequently touched such as handles, elevator buttons, handrails, switches, doorknobs, etc. Cleaning staff should be instructed accordingly. “ W.H.O

You may not be aware of the preparation that goes into ensuring your home for the week is safe and you shouldn’t have to be but just so you know we disinfect the following and much more besides

Rubbish and recycling bins
Keys and key boxes
Light switches
Remote controls
Table tops
Shower doors
Bedside lamps
High chairs

Support from our Guests

When we asked in our recent survey to our summer guests, 90% of you appreciated the efforts we  went to for your safety and that makes it worthwhile for us.
Textiles, linens, and clothes should be put in special, marked laundry bags and handled carefully to prevent raising dust, with consequent potential contamination of surrounding surfaces or people.” W.H.O guidelines
As well as our responsibility to our guests we also felt it extremely important to protect our staff and as such we took the steps of asking guests to strip their own linen at the end of our stay.  Again 90% or our guests appreciated our reasons for asking this and were happy to oblige.
We feel that the precautions we have taken and will carry on taking as long as necessary provide our guests with the confidence to book and enjoy their holiday.  We are currently gearing ourselves up for the winter season and adapting our cleaning plans accordingly.
Here’s to a happy healthy winter season where we can focus on the important things such as snow and beautiful surroundings.
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