Grocery Delivery Service

Grocery Deliveries to your chalet in Morzine

Would you would like us to do the shopping for you?

Perhaps you are arriving late into resort?  Or you are getting a transfer from Geneva and don’t want to lug heavy bags to your chalet.  Maybe you are organising a big group and could really do without dealing with the shopping too!  You are on holiday, let us take the strain.

Don’t forget there will be a welcome pack for you which includes two bottles of fine wine, fresh bread, cupboard items and household items.

We can do your shopping for you.  You can order a couple of ways

Coming soon – we are creating some set packs for Winter 2019/20

Option 1 – Just email us a list

  1.  Send us an email list of what you want
  2.  We will review the list and send you a quote.  You will pay the receipt price plus a delivery charge.  Charges are dependent on the size of shop and start at €30 euros.

Option 2 – Click and we will collect

You’ll need some knowledge of french to create the account and do the shop.  Some search engines can change everything to English for you, Google Chrome definitely will.

  1. Email us to ask us when we will be able to pick up your shop.  We will give you a few 2 hour slots to choose from (
  2.  Do your order and email us the confirmation email that shows the collection code and pick up time
  3.  We will deliver your shop and collect €30 euros from you on arrival.

How to order via Click and Collect (called Carrefour Drive)

  1. Log onto Carrefour Drive 
  2. Click in the big central question « Où souhaitez-vous récupérer vos courses en ligne ? » and type in 74110 and click search
  3. Select « 74 – Carrefour Drive – Market St Jean D’Aulps, 4679 ROUTES DES GRANDES ALPS » (click choisir)
  4. Click DRIVE (the blue box)
  5. At the top of the page you should see 74 – Carrefour Drive, Market St Jean D’Aulps, 4679 ROUTES DES GRANDES ALPS
  6. Click on Mon Compte
  7. Create a NEW account by following the steps
  8. Do your shop
  9. Pick a time ensuring that it is within the times we have sent you
  10. Email us the confirmation

Sorry we can’t deliver alcohol from the supermarket.  Please order from our Wine, Beer and Gin Delivery Menu