La Folie Douce In Avoriaz – Morzine Apres Ski Guide

revellers party at la Folie Douce in Avoriaz

La Folie Douce In Avoriaz

When La Folie Douce in Avoriaz opened its doors in December 2018 it was a massive upgrade for the apres scene in the Portes du Soleil. If you’re looking for a unique dining or party experience on the slopes then look no further.

Literally translated to English the name means ‘tender madness’ which is a fair description of the goings on at the venue. The food is exquisite and the apres party’s really are special and certainly one’s worth remembering (or at least trying to).

party at the Folie Douce in Avoriaz

History Of La Folie Douce

The Folie Douce brand has been entertaining revellers and feeding hungry skiers since 1981. Entrepreneur Luc Reversade opened the first Folie Douce in Val d’Isere with his mother and head chef Mamone. Luc’s passion for entertainment and Mamones cooking quickly became a hugely successful combination. Luc had always dreamed of entertaining his clientele with open air shows, live music and party’s, the likes of which were yet to be seen on the slopes.

Luc, a self-confessed compulsively hyper-active entrepreneur, attributes  his success to offering people an intriguingly different concept, fuelled by high-class, high-altitude cuisine. 

Luc, ever inspired, pushed forward with his dream and developed his own blend of entertainment and created an apres ski experience like no other. Now with 7 venues across the Alps, the Folie really is the place to go for apres!

La Folie Douce in Avoriaz sits on a historic site, one that dates back to the 1950’s and precedes the ski resort itself. Now run by the fourth generation of the Lenvers family, La Folie Douce is located on the site where the previous three generations of the family hosted skiers and walkers in their small family run restaurant Chez Lenvers.

Fine Dining

head chefs at the Folie Douce in Avoriaz

La Folie has two lunch time dining options, La Fruitiere, a fine dining experience on the upper floor of the building and La Petite Cuisine on the lower floor offering a more casual gourmet canteen style experience. The food at both restaurants is excellent and its clear that they pride themselves on the quality and presentation of their meals.

La Fruitiere is open for lunch daily from 12pm until 3pm and La Cuisine is open from 11:30 until 3pm

The Disco Party

If you’ve ever seen images of terraces surrounded by snow and packed full of colourful revellers dancing on tables still in their ski boots then its more than likely it’s from a Folie Douce. Every afternoon from 3pm-6:30pm La Folie Douce in Avoriaz really comes alive and if your skiing anywhere near the Chappelle park or riding the Proclou lift, you’ll be hard pushed to miss the Folie. With live, loud music acting as a reveller homing beacon, the Folie attracts those looking for a party from far and wide. There are entertainers working the tables and musicians and performers are a regular accompaniment all getting the crowd into the swing of things. Keep an eye out for the champagne gondola that spans the length of the terrace delivering the bottle for those high rollers enjoying the party outdoors.

champagne gondola at the Folie Douce in Avoriaz

As you’d expect, the drinks prices are not for the faint hearted so be prepared to splash out on the occasion. If however you factor in the entertainment it does make the price slightly more palatable


La Folie Douce in Avoriaz is in a great location as its accessible on skis or on foot. Sat just off of the main return piste that runs through the centre of Avoriaz from the top of the Proclou lift and to the side of the Chapelle park, skiing in is super easy. Walking is also a straightforward affair (remember your snow boots), jump on the A ski bus to les Prodains and take the telepherique up to Avoriaz. Using the network of lifts and walkways make your way through the village towards the welcome centre then take a right when you hear/see the party. Getting back to Morzine at the end of the evening is also made easy (as long as you don’t leave it too late) by taking the Prodains Express telepherique (open until 9pm Mon-Thurs, midnight Fri-Sat, 10pm Sun) back down to the valley floor and jumping on the A ski bus back into central Morzine (last bus from Prodain is 20:55)

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