Ski Route from Morzine to Linga – Intermediate

Morzine Ski Route

Here is a classic route that is good for both skiers and snowboarders of an intermediate level.  It takes in some popular restaurants and stopping spots.

  1. Take SuperMorzine bubble then straight on to the Zore chairlift
  2. Follow signs to Proclou chairlift along an easy green and take that chair
  3. Go straight ahead following signs to Linderettes
  4. At this point you can go through the Stash* or follow the blue or red runs down to Linderettes
  5. In the Linderettes bowl there are plenty of restaurants to stop for a drink, Mamos is good (last restaurant in the group on the right)
  6. Take the Chaux Fleurie chair and follow either the blue or red piste down to Plain Dranse
  7. In Plain Dranse there are a couple of restaurants to point out.  Babettes is very well known; it is run by Babette herself who is an ex model and a real character.  Or there is a new champagne bar just at the Pierre Longue chair.
  8. Take the Chaux des Roses chair towards Chatel/Linga
  9. There are now a really nice long blue run to Les Combes chair
  10. Take the Les Combes chair towards Linga
  11. The Linga piste is very steep at the top but there is a blue ‘get out route’ to the right
  12. Follow the Linga piste all the way to the bottom
  13. Take the Linga bubble and then skirt back down to pick up the L’Echo Alpin chair
  14. You know have a choice between a very flat blue which gets you straight back to Plain Dranse or a great red which takes you to the Comebois chair.  If you take the blue skip to point 16.
  15. At the top of the Comebois chair, take the red that takes you past the Chaux des Roses chair and down to Plain Dranse
  16. Take the Rouchassons chair and head back down to Linderettes on the blue or the red
  17. Take the Linderettes chair and pick up signs for SuperMorzine.  Take care because the right turn to get there is easily missed
  18. Go throught he learner area and under the further little bridge on your right and follow the piste down
  19. Still following signs for Supermorzine, take the chair on the right called Serauxsaix
  20. There is an slow green down to two blue runs back to the Supermorzine.  Pick whichever one you like
  21. Have an apres drink on the very sunny terrace of La Grenouille du Marais before you head down the bubble

*The Stash is a series of wooden jumps (‘features’) that you can ski over (‘hit’).  Or you can just ski through and watch other people.

We have tried hard to ensure the above is accurate but always take and review a piste map and and the lift closures whilst you are out