Snowmobiling In Morzine

man snowmobiling in Morzine at dusk

Snowmobiling In Morzine – A Unique Winter Wonderland Experience

Snowmobiling in Morzine is a unique winter holiday experience, and one we highly recommend. What could be better than effortlessly whizzing through the snowy forests high above the village at sunset.

What Is A Snowmobile?

A snowmobile is a motorised vehicle designed for winter travel across snow and ice. In more rural areas snowmobiles are essential pieces of equipment for transport as they do not require roads or tracks. Snowmobiles have two skis at the front end for steering and to help keep the vehicle above the snow. The engine powers a continuous, ridged Kevlar track at the rear which creates the drive propelling the vehicle forward through the snow or across the ice.

man snowmobiling in Morzine on a piste

How and Where

Snowmobiling in Morzine takes place high up on the slopes of Super Morzine. Avoscoot is the name of the company who offer this experience and their reception desk is by the chapel in the welcome centre in Avoriaz (the welcome centre is at the end of the road into Avoriaz where all the vehicles have to unload). The rides should be pre-booked either by popping in to see them or by phone/online.

Avoscoot offer snowmobile rides from 17:30 pm until 23:00 and offer a few different experiences. Generally their rides last for an hour, there is a 15 minute safety and instructional briefing followed by 45 minutes out on the snowmobiles. Two guides accompany the ride, one leads the way and one brings up the rear ensuring no-one gets lost.

This iconic winter wonderland experience can be enjoyed by the whole family. For the main rides you must be over 18 and hold a driving (car or motorcycle) licence to drive. Avoscoot offer a specific children’s ride on electric snowmobiles for 4 to 10 year old’s which is booked in 10 minute slots so children can choose how long they go for.

Children from 10-13 are welcome on the main rides but they must ride on the back of the guides snowmobile. Anyone aged 14 or above can ride on the back of a friend or family members snowmobile and anyone aged 18 or above with a driving license can drive.

man snowmobiling in Morzine whilst looking at the mountainous view


The Rides

Stroll of the walker – recommended for those new to snowmobiling and is considered the classic tour. The ride will take you through a combination of forest and piste trails but nothing too technical. The ride costs 145 EUR which is for one or two people and its possible to swap drivers at the half way point.

  • Stroll of the explorer – aimed at those who have a little more experience and who are up for more of an adventure. Again encompassing piste and forest trail but this ride will take you through slightly more challenging terrain. Priced the same as the stroll ride
  • Passenger ride – if you want the experience but don’t want to drive or if you don’t have a licence then for 65 EUR you can sit on the back of the guides snowmobile for the duration of the ride.
  • Initiation to Snowmobiling – If you are completely new to snowmobiling and are unsure/nervous of how it works, Avoscoot also do a 30 minute training session at 17:00 to show you how it works priced at 50 EUR

pristine alpine forest on sunny day seen from snowshoeing on super morzine

Practical Information

Avoscoot provide helmets and goggles and we strongly recommend you wear your full ski outfit (don’t forget your gloves and sturdy boots) as these rides take place at altitude and in the early evening or at night so expect it to be cold.

Getting to and from Avoriaz at night can be tricky so we recommend you stay up there after skiing then do your ride and at the end of the evening either arrange a taxi to  take you back down (pre-book this, costs around 50EUR) or take the Prodain Express lift down from Avoriaz then get the free ski bus back into town (or pre-book a taxi from Prodain). The Prodain Express is open until 21:00 on weekdays and midnight on weekends but please note the last ski bus back into Morzine from the Prodain base station is 20:55


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