Summer in Morzine with Kids Under 12

Morzine Summer Tennis Courts and Nyon Mountain

Are you coming to Morzine this Summer with kids under 12?  There is loads to do but it can be a little difficult to figure out what is happening where and when.  Plus Morzine is a adrenaline junkies playground so some of the activities like the mountain biking can look a bit daunting, especially for kids under 12.  Below are 5 ideas for days out in Morzine and the surrounding area for kids under 12,  a lot of which is free with the summer Multipass.

The Multipass is just €3 per person per day when you book a chalet or apartment with Elevation Alps.  Search our availability here

Day 1 – Morzine – Swimming, Ice Skating, High Ropes Course and Horse-riding

This is a big day with lots to do in a very small area; everything happens in the zone below the suspension bridge.   You could do all these activities in any order but note that the ice skating opens between 3pm and 6pm.

The swimming complex has outdoor and indoor pools, lovely manicured lawns for sunbathing, a wellness suite for adults, a restaurant and snack bar, a waterslide and normally a bouncy castle.  There is limited shade so its worth bringing something if that is important to you.  It is open from 9am to 7pm.  Entry is free with the Multipass.

The high ropes course alongside the swimming complex along the river and into the woods.  There is a hut opposite the course where you pay and get your equipment.  I’ve never had to pre-book but if there is a wait there is a playground next door or you could have a go on the outdoor exercise equipment route that goes in a small circular route around the river path.  It is €17 or €23 depending on height.

The equestrian centre offers pony rides to kids without experience.  You will lead your child and pony around the river route, it is about 1km.  The ponies know where they are going and will not go anywhere different.  In the past this was €10 a go, but the new owner may have increased this price for Summer 2024.  For kids and adults with more experience there is trekking available from €50.  The centre is right next to the high ropes course.  The booking desk is inside the chalet style building.

The ice rink is full size and in the season, hosts the excellent Morzine Pingouins ice hockey team.  The rink is open to the public from 3pm to 6pm every day and on Thursdays nights holds a disco which is attended by the local teenagers.   Entry is free with the Multipass.

Day 2 – Montriond Lake – Swimming, Paddle boarding & Mini Golf

Montriond lake is just 20 minutes on the M bus from Morzine.  If you have a car it is free parking.  It is absolutely stunning, surrounded by towering cliffs and mountains.  This is one of the places we come at least once when we have younger kids with us for the summer.  Access to the lake is free.

There is a pool area which has life guards for safe swimming for kids under 12 and the main lake which has kayaks and SUPs for hire.   There are lawned areas and it feels like a beach.  In addition there is a wooden playground, pony trekking and a mini golf course.   There is a cafe and restaurants which have ice-cream stalls.  The mini golf is free with the Multipass.  

lac montriond

Lac de Montriond

Day 3 – Les Gets Lake – Wibit Inflatable Adventure, Trampolines and the Luge

The lake at Les Gets is another full day out.  You can get there by bus (via the Balad D’Aulps bus and then the Petit Train from the Chavannes chairlift) or you can park for free.  The lake is well supervised by the lifeguards and there are public toilets, a restaurant, playground, basket ball courts and a water slide.  You do have to pay but its only €3 or free with the Multipass.

On the far side of the lake there are trampolines which are free with the Multipass.

The Wibit inflatable fun park has been a feature of the lake for a few years now.  It is brilliant fun and absolutely exhausting.  There is a smaller Wibit for kids under 8 years old.  The 45 minutes session is €11.

I highly encourage you to not leave Les Gets until you have had a go on the new luge.  It is at the Perrieres lift or if you put “Luges 4 saisons” into Google maps it will take you there.  There is loads of parking and a little snack bar.   For the summer holidays it is open from 11am to 7pm.  It is €8 a go but you can buy a pack of 5 or 10 runs and share them between the family.  It is surprisingly quick and you control the speed so go one adult and one kid first before letting them loose on their own!

wibit les gets

Les Gets Lake and the Wibit

Day 4 – The Goat Village – A Telecabine, a Chairlift, Waterfall and Feeding the Goats

If your kids have never been on a ski lift then this day out includes both types of lift.  Get the M bus from Morzine to the Ardent Telecabine or drive and park for free.  The Ardent Telecabine lift takes you to a beautiful natural bowl.  This is free with your Multipass.

The beautiful Brochaux waterfall is about 30 minutes walk away.  You can get to it by leaving the bowl next to the Alpage Restaurant and following the signs.  Its a nice walk in the woods following the stream.  Or if you kids fancy trying a chairlift you can take the Linderets chairlift.   Again,  this is free with your multipass.  At the top of the chairlift take the left hand fire track and follow it down to Brochaux waterfall.  To get back to Linderets bowl just follow the path next to the stream.

The “Goat Village” or Linderets village is about 10 minutes walk out of the bowl.  Head towards the Marmottes restaurant and keep walking. The free Petit Train goes from the bowl to the Goat Village about every 30 mins.  The goat village is absolutely full of goats wandering free.  You can feed them with goat food bought at the cafe in the centre. But beware!  They are super greed and quite brutal about getting the food.  When you don’t have food in your hand they are quite placid and will allow you to stroke them.

The restaurants in the village are excellent although not cheap.  Obviously goats cheese salad is a local specialty.  Once you have got used to the goat smell, its a great place to eat and watch other people interacting with the goats.

Hiking Linderets to La Cascade des Brochaux

Brochaux Waterfall

Day 5 – Avoriaz – Aquariaz, climbing and the Playzone.

Avoriaz is a purpose built ski resort above Morzine.  Its summer activity programme gets bigger every year and its a really cool place to go for the day.

You can drive right up to Avoriaz and park in one of the car parks at the entrance.  It takes about 30 mins to drive up there.  Or you can drive or take the A bus to the Prodains Telecabine and use the huge modern lift to take you up.  Note the Prodains runs until 6.30pm in the summer.  The Telecabine is free with your Multipass

From the Telecabine it feels a bit confusing on how to get to the village centre.  I think there are signs but here is an explanation.  Across from the exit of the Telecabine there is a burger place called Changabangs (which is pretty good but that’s another blog).  Walk past Changabangs until you reach the first apartment block.  At the base of that block there is a little shop called Aux Délices d’Antan.  To the left of the shop just hidden around a corner is a lift.  Go up the lift and and walk directly head until you leave the apartment block.   Take the road with the Hotel de Dromonts on the corner up to the resort centre.  This cuts about out about 10 minutes walk.

Aquariaz is an indoor waterpark with a lazy river, half pipe side and other fun things to do.  Its always busy and a bit hectic especially in poor weather.  Its open from 1.30 to 7.30pm every day and its €7 child / €10 adult or free with your Multipass

The slip n slide water slide is in the resort centre and is free to all.   In that area there is a playground and trampolines and a bouncy castle in this central PlayZone which are free with your Multipass.

The climbing room is called Squash & Bloc.  Its is in the resort centre and is free with your Multipass.  Its pretty small so I would pop and see if you can book a slot to fit around what else you are doing.  The mini golf in Avoriaz is also free with your Multipass.