Summer vs Winter

summer vs winter morzine

Inspired by this brilliant image by Josh Gilbert I posed locals this question, “Which is best, Morzine in the summer or Morzine in the winter?”

“I love walking in the snow with the dog.  It is best when it is dark and the moon and snow light everything up.  Everything is silent except for the scrunch of your footsteps” Crystal, Apline French School 

“There are more activities in the summer and I love the hot weather.  It feels like a holiday place in the summer; just things like the kids out playing until late that makes the atmosphere more relaxed”  Debs, Apline French School

“My favourite time of year is early summer because there is still snow on the mountain tops and that is how I have always pictured the Alps. Rolling wild flower meadows with snow capped mountains in the background.  It is absolutely beautiful” Phil, local builder

” Summer because it is way more beautiful. There are way more things to do.  Our kids really love the parapenting”  The Wilmott family, regular visitors

“Winter ’cause of skiing….[what do you want to be when you grow up?]……”a ski instructor”  Marcus, age 5

“Yeah the winter is focused on skiing,  but there are loads more activities to do in winter than that.  Morzine is really good at providing a wider experience.  There is ice skating, dog sledding, snow shoeing etc.  I also really like that the Christmas lights stay up all season so it always feels like the holidays here”  Jim, Rhodos regular

“We came here for the winter, but then once we had lived through a summer we liked that best because all the things you can do, like biking, swimming, walking etc.  Then we got our husky and he loves to snowboard with us, so that is our favourite again.  Ask us again next year!  Ramsey & Ray , husky lovers

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