What is it really like to work for Elevation Alps?


Zara worked as a part time chalet host on a 24hour contract last winter. We asked her what she thought of working for Elevation Alps in Morzine for the ski season and here is what she said:

“There are many ways to ‘do’ a winter season, and the amount of fun you have is is strongly influenced by where you choose to work. Deciding to do my 22/23 winter season working as a part time Chalet Host with Elevation Alps was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and one of the main reasons I will do another one in the future!

The amazing team of Lindsay, Sian, Glenda, Sharon and Kath created a fun and easygoing work environment, checking in with all the team in case we needed help both in and outside of work, buying us delicious French pastries to keep us going on the busy days, and organising the best team events of anyone in town (in my opinion). As a Chalet Host, you are working 2-4 days per week as the the face of the company, easily welcome guests to this beautiful corner of the world, sharing your thoughts about where the best snow is that week or what restaurants to go to in town.

Morzine itself is a beautiful little town in the vast region of the Porte Du Soleil, and there are many things to do after work that aren’t just shredding up on the mountain. Shouting ‘Aller Morzine Aller’ at the Morzine Penguins Ice Hockey games or going night sledging, getting a pulled pork burger from Poppy’s or dancing all night at your new favourite bar in town, there is always something to do and always someone to do it with. 

You’ll find the people you live with, work with or just meet in town (and you’ll meet pretty much everyone) become a second family, going on all kinds of adventures and creating beautiful friendships that last beyond the final snow of the season. You’ll share stories from the last week of adventures over delicious home cooked dinners, and squeeze too many people onto the lounge for movie nights. If you want to spend your winter surrounded by beautiful scenery, making amazing friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime, apply for a season with Elevation Alps, you won’t regret it!”



Fancy working for Elevation Alps for the winter season 23/24 check out the ‘work for us page’ to see what vacancies are available.