Freshly Prepared Dinner Deliveries

This service is available for our Serviced Chalets only; Chalet Kapa, Chalet Pavot, Altaka 4, Le Reve and La Constellation

Dinner Delivery Menu

Our freshly prepared dinner deliveries are cooked daily by our chefs in Morzine and delivered to your door at around 17:00 each evening.  The 2 course meals are very easy to prepare and come with easy to follow reheating instructions.  Compared to local restaurant prices these meals represent excellent value for money.

Each nights 2 course meal costs 30 per adult and 25 per child under 12.

Daily orders of either the Hearty menu or the Balanced menu are for 6 adults or more.  If you want to book a night but you do not like that nights menu then just order the day you do like and put it in the fridge/freezer until you want to eat it.  You can order as many days as you like.  Why not complement the dinners with wine and beer from our local cave, or grocery delivery packages.

Dinner Delivey Balance Menu Saturday Keftedes

Dinner Delivery Balanced Menu Saturday Keftedes

Order dinner deliveries at least 2 weeks in advance of your arrival via your ONLINE BOOKING.


Hearty Menu

Main:  Confit de Canard with creamy Tartiflette and a huge fresh salad

Vegetarian option:  Pumpkin, spinach & blue cheese filo parcel
Dessert:  Chocolate & raspberry torte with raspberry sorbet
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main:  Keftedes,  Greek salad and roast potatoes
Vegetarian option: Courgette balls, Greek salad and roast potatoes
Dessert: Fruit clafoutis, Greek yogurt, honey and nuts
(minimum order 6)


Hearty Menu

Main:  Sunday Roast –  Succulent roast pork with apple sauce and gravy. Served with roasted potatoes, carrots, Brussel sprouts and peas
Vegetarian option:  Confit garlic, mushroom & nut roast
Dessert:  Hot apple & blueberry pie with thick rich custard
(minimum order 6)

Sorry, there is no Balanced Menu on Sundays

sunday roast shared over wooden table

Dinner Delivery Hearty Menu Sunday Roast



Hearty Menu

duck salad balanced meal

Dinner Delivery Balanced Menu Duck Salad

Main:  Lamb and spinach Korma curry with lemon & coriander Basmati rice and Dukkha-spiced roast Cauliflower
Vegetarian Option:  Aromatic parsnip, green bean & spinach Korma
Dessert: Brioche and Butter pudding with orange and vanilla ice cream
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main: Confit Hoisin Duck Salad and Miso Slaw
Vegetarian Option: Aubergine Salad and Miso Slaw (Ve)
Dessert: Chocolate Mouse (Ve, Gf)
(minimum order 6)

Christmas Dinner is €50 per adult and €40 for under 12s.   Main Course – Honey roasted turkey roulade, Herbed roast ham, sage & onion stuffing, roast potatoes & parsnips, brussels sprouts, carrots & peas, onion gravy, cranberry sauce, apple sauce.  Dessert –  Steamed & sticky spiced cranberry pudding served with butterscotch & cognac custard.  Everything is homemade.  Delivery on  24th December.  This meal replaces the Monday menu for 25th December.



Hearty Menu

fish taco wedges bean salad

Dinner Delivery Balanced Menu Taco Tuesday

Main: Chunky chicken, bacon and leek pie. Served with buttery mash potato, carrots and beans
Vegetarian Option:  Hearty mushroom, leek and thyme pie
Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla crème fraîche
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main: Fish tacos, potato wedges and bean salad
Vegetarian Option: Tofu tacos, potato wedges and bean salad (Ve)
Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake
(minimum order 6)



Hearty Menu

Clementine Chicken Balanced Meal

Dinner Delivery Balanced Menu Clementine Chicken

Main: Beef, pumpkin & spinach Lasagne al Forno with sundried tomato & garlic bread and a large fresh salad with walnut dressing

Vegetarian Option:  Roast aubergine, pumpkin & spinach Lasagne
Dessert: Baked lemon tart with vanilla ice cream & crème anglaise
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main: Main: Clementine and caramel chicken thighs with quinoa and roasted cherry tomato salad (Gf)
Vegetarian Option:  Clementine and caramel marinated tempeh with quinoa and roasted cherry tomato salad (Ve, Gf)
Dessert: Beetroot almond torte (Gf)
(minimum order 6)



Dinner Delivery - Balanced Menu - Thursday Poke Bowl

Dinner Delivery – Balanced Menu – Thursday Poke Bowl

Hearty Menu

Main: Hearty beef, bacon & mushroom Bourguignon with baked potatoes, almond-butter broccoli and honeyed carrots

Vegetarian Option:  Hearty celeriac & mushroom Bourguignon
Dessert: Apple & blackberry crumble with blackberry & vanilla ice cream
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main: Poke bowl with salt cured salmon (Gf)
Vegetarian Option: Poke bowl with seaweed carrot (Gf)
Dessert: Lemon posset
(minimum order 6)



Dinner Delivery - Balanced Menu - Friday -Marianted Chicken Burger

Dinner Delivery – Balanced Menu – Friday -Marianted Chicken Burger

Hearty Menu

Main: Rich chicken, potato and green bean Massaman curry.  Served with coriander & lime Jasmine rice and a crunchy Thai salad with peanut dressing.
Vegetarian Option: Tofu, potato & green bean Massaman curry
Dessert:  Pineapple & coconut ice cream
(minimum order 6)

Balanced Menu

Main: Marinated chicken burger, coleslaw and lentil salad
Vegetarian: Sweet potato, chickpea and mushroom burger, coleslaw and lentil salad
Dessert: Fruit tartlet
(minimum order 6)

Vegan (Ve)
Gluten Free (Gf)