Booking Terms and Conditions for Covid19

We have temporarily relaxed our cancellation and payment policies in light of the Covid pandemic.  This allows you to book with us with complete confidence.

These policies are being continuously reviewed in light of changing circumstances.

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All Bookings for Winter 2020/21

We are very hopeful that by the Winter season our world will be back to normal.  But, in case it isn’t we have put the following temporary covid cancellation policy in place. The following applies to all previously made bookings, new bookings and transferred credit/voucher bookings.

  • You must make a 25% deposit payment no later than 02/09/2020 to secure your booking
  • We will not ask you for the balance payment until 8 weeks prior to your visit.  If you decide not to come at this point you can roll your 25% deposit to another date up to Sept 2022.  Your decision does not have to be based on an official travel restriction* at this point.
  • If travel restrictions* are put in place after you have paid the balance, meaning you can not make the trip, you will be able to use a credit for the total amount you have paid towards another booking in the same property up to Sept 2022.
  • If you decide that you do not want to come within the 8 weeks prior to arrival, but there are no official travel restrictions*, you will be cancelling your booking and no refund or credit will be given.
  • If travel restrictions* come into force mid way through your stay and you have to leave, it will not be possible for Elevation Alps to refund or give a credit for any part of your accommodation cost.  If you wish to make a claim on your travel insurance then Elevation Alps will supply any documentation you need.

Restrictions must include one of the following:

  • French borders closed
  • Swiss borders closed (if you have flights booked to Geneva)
  • Your departure country borders closed
  • Your departure countries foreign office advising against all non essential travel to France
  • Your departure countries foreign office advising against all non essential travel to Switzerland (if you have flights booked to Geneva)
  • Travel within France is restricted
  • Your return country requiring a mandatory quarantine period on your return for all guests.  This does not include a quarantine period on return due to a positive Covid test.

All other T&Cs remain the same.

All bookings Summer 2021

If the pandemic is still affecting travel by next summer, we will continue our 100% credit policy as detailed for Winter 20/21 bookings above.

For those guests who have already transferred their holiday forward to Summer 2021 we will see you then.  If you have any questions or concerns just get in touch at 

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