Our Hot Tubs

Does your perfect ski property need a hot tub?  For many of our guests, the answer is yes.  Over half of our chalets and apartments come with the private use of a sparkling clean and perfectly maintained hot tub.  Find out more about how we care for our hot tubs below.

Hot tubs, Spas, Jacuzzi – what ever you call them are a very popular addition to a ski or summer holiday.  The therapeutic benefits are real; relaxing in the hot circulating water really does ease those tired legs after a days skiing or cycling.  Plus it feels very indulgent to be sat in steamed water with snow all around you.

But hot tubs need to be maintained with care to be inviting and safe.   We take this very seriously at Elevation Alps and are proud of the condition of our  hot tubs.

We clean and refill our hot tubs after every guest departure meaning that the water is 100% fresh for you.  We visit twice more during the week to check the tub and manage the chemicals accordingly.

Because it is fresh water for your stay, we can keep any chemical intervention to a minimum.  And we choose the softest of chemicals possible.  Your usage of the hot tub will affect the water – treat it with care and we’ll need to treat it with during your stay.

It is important to note on booking that on the day of your arrival your hot tub will be out of use. After each guest departure we empty, clean and refill your hot tub so it will be ready to use on your first full day in resort.

All our chalet hot tubs are private and for your sole use.  Our processes match and exceed the regulations required for hot tubs during the Covid pandemic.  For more about the additional Covid procedures we have put in place click here.

Chalets with hot tubs

Around half of our properties have hot tubs, so there are plenty to choose from.   We even have a 3 bedroom apartment, Altaka 1, with a hot tub which we believe to be the smallest property in Morzine with its own private use tub.

Below is a list of all our properties with hot tubs

3 Bedroom properties with hot tubs
Altaka 1
Chalet V

4 Bedroom properties with hot tubs
La Constellation
Altaka 4
Ferme Colline D’En Bas                                                                                                                      Loup’ka

5 Bedroom properties with hot tubs
Chalet Kapa
Chalet Dranse
Mont Des Anges
Chalet North Star

6 Bedroom properties with hot tubs
Chalet L’Anton
Mésanges A
Mésanges B
Mésanges C


Mont des Anges Hot tub ElevationAlps

Mont des Anges Hot tub Elevation Alps