Christmas Week In Morzine 2019

santa claus meet and greet christmas week in morzine

Christmas Week In Morzine 2019 – Events Guide

Christmas week in Morzine is a very special time of year and what could be more magical than spending the festive period in the winter wonderland of Morzine. The tourist board here know how important Christmas is to its visitors and creates an infectious Christmas buzz around the town.

The main square around the tourist office is the centre of the enchanted village and with a week long entertainment programme full of lights, colour and Christmas cheer, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s happening and when to help you make the most of this Christmas.


Saturday 21st December

4.30pm to 6.30pm: Try  Green Chaud, a hot Green Welcome Drink consisting of hot chocolate and green Chartreuse. Available at the tourist office with candy floss (2€) and a concert in the square  by gospel band Angel Gospel 


Sunday 22nd December

11am to 12pm / 5.30pm to 6.30pm: Come along to the enchanted village to meet Santa Claus

4pm to 6pm: Learn and make some local craft with the creative workshop with wood  at the Palais des Sports. 

4.30pm to 5.15pm / 5.45pm to 6.30pm: « La parade enchantée ». Sound and light show in the square.

street parade for christmas week in morzine


Monday 23rd December

4pm to 4.30pm / 5pm to 5.30pm / 6pm to 6.30pm: « Les Pets à porter ». Street puppet show 4pm to 4.45pm / 5.15pm to 6pm : Christmas Fanfare. Musicians perform traditional Christmas songs to get you in the mood. (tourist office)

5pm to 6pm: Ice Treasure hunt – Children will have to find their gold coin hidden in a block of ice.

6.15pm: Ice sculpture demo – A professional sculptor brings breathtaking ice sculptures to life in minutes! 

ice sculpture demo for christmas week in morzine

Tuesday 24th December, Christmas Eve

2pm to 6pm: Workshop for children Making Christmas Elves by the tourist office children from 6 years old welcome

2.30pm to 4pm: Creative workshop “Creating Christmas decorations”. Children from 6 years old welcome at the Palais des Sports 

3.30pm to 6.30pm: Face painting for children – From 3 years old at the Tourist Office – 2 € 

3:30pm to 4pm / 4:30pm to 5pm / 5:30pm to 6pm: Jottnjol parade with street puppets (tourist office)

3:30pm to 4pm / 4:30pm to 5pm / 5:30pm to 6pm: Snow machine parade, Interactive parade with costumed actors creating snow in the streets (tourist office)

4:30pm to 6pm : Cooking workshop “Christmas chocolate and marshmallows” – Children from 6 years old welcome – at the Palais des Sports  

6pm: Santa’s arrival followed by fireworks – Tourist Office square or bottom of the Pleney (depending on snow conditions) 

snow parade during christmas week in morzine

Wednesday 25th December, Christmas Day

2pm to 6pm: Workshop for children making Christmas Elves at the tourist office, children from 6 years old welcome

4:30pm to 5:30pm: Free Pitch snacks and hot chocolate for children, bring your own cup or buy the Morzine re-usble one for 1EUR from the tourist office

4pm to 4:45pm / 5:15pm to 6pm: « Dickens Sweet Machine, Victorian actors use their magic machine to make sweets and chocolate on the street. (tourist office) 

4.30pm to 6pm : Concert with girl group “ladies Snow” (tourist office)

Dickens sweet machine on street for christmas week in morzine

Thursday 26th December, Boxing Day

2pm to 5:30pm: Creative workshop : Natural soaps, Candle holders, Leather purses – Palais des Sports. Children from 6 years old welcome

4:30pm to 5:15pm / 5:45pm to 6:30pm: « Goose fanfare » a flock of geese follow the beat of a drum as they march through the village. (tourist office)

goose parade in morzine at christmas

Friday 27th December

4pm to 6pm Hero touch -laser tag in superhero costumes. Children from 7 years old welcome

6pm to 6:30pm:  Fire & light show. Ultra visual performance show with Pyrotechnics and fire juggling (tourist office)

fireworks for christmas in morzine

And there you have it, a full weeks worth of Christmas cheer to make your week in Morzine extra special.