Extreme litter picking


Have you ever dropped a cigarette butt off a lift?  Well shame on you!  Today was Morzine’s big mountain clean up, tidying up after the snow melts to get the mountain summer ready.  Armed with bin bags and latex gloves we set out to clear up under the lifts.

Our organiser challenged us to be adventurous as we could, so we took the plunge and and headed down under the Linderettes Express, well how hard could it be, we’ve skied it loads of times!  After a few slips and slides we got down to the first lift post and we instantly found a Croatia hat, a broken ski pole and numerous water bottles.  A few minutes in and our eyes became accustomed to the search and there were literally hundreds of cigarette ends.

Still struggling down the very steep and shingle covered slope we had elected to clear, we found a babies dummy, gloves and hats.  I wish I could tell you we found a iphone or a GoPro but I’d be lying.  Our best haul was 2 euros.

Litter picking

So we managed two full bin bags of fag ends and mars bar wrappers and hung on like mountain goats to the lift line.  It was a very satisfying few hours, a perfect way to pay the mountains back for all the fun times.