Hot Weather Forcasted for Morzine in Summer 2021

We all know people from the UK love a good chat about the weather. Combine that with living in Morzine where your lifestyle and work depends on it, and you get a town full of John Kettleys and Carole Kirkwoods.  Leading up to winter each year you’ll hear chat on the North Atlantic Oscillation and its effect on the Jet Stream which will determine our weather systems and storms.  As I write we are still having snow “up top” on 13th May – this winter is the one that just wouldn’t stop!

We are looking forward to summer and what that will bring.  Our terraces are due to reopen next week, the curfew is being shortened, soon to disappear and we are desperate to welcome people back to our corner of the Alps.

So, what’s the weather going to do this summer? Predicting the weather is a risky business but we like to play an optimistic game here.  Signs are that the Azores high, which provides warm and humid weather is due to make a return to France in June. Predictions are that we will have warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine and summer can finally begin.

The high-pressure system will persist into July with a hot and sunny month, there’s even talk of a heatwave.  I’m predicting many afternoons spent by the cool of Lac Montriond.

Into August and the experts are predicting that the high-pressure system just won’t want to move and temperatures will remain warmer than usual.

We all deserve a bit of sunshine this year- fingers and toes crossed that the long range trends are right.