New Pistes in The Portes du Soleil For Winter 2019/20

pristine snow on new piste in the portes du soleil

New Pistes in The Portes du Soleil For Winter 2019/20

There are some really exciting new pistes in the Portes du Soleil for winter 2019/20. The Portes du Soleil is already Europe’s second largest ski area yet it keeps on growing and getting better every year. For winter 2019/20 there are new pistes, lifts and snow making facilities popping up across the entire ski area. The Portes du Soleil prides itself on its commitment to the development of the ski area and this round of improvements is really exciting.

Portes du soleil ski area

New Pistes in Morzine For Winter 2019/20

Winter 2019/20 will see two new pistes in the Morzine ski area as well as a new park. The first new piste will be on the Pleney and is graded as blue. The new piste will be a variation of le Grizzli (also known as piste G) and will begin at the top of the Belvedere lift on the Pleney Plateau. The piste will have two options allowing skiers to choose to continue onto the Pleney slopes or bear right and head towards the Nyon slopes.

The second of the new pistes in the Morzine ski area will be on the Nyon mountain. The new slope is a complete re route of the current Aigle Rouge piste. This is a red piste that runs down the face of the mountain from the summit down to the plateau. The new route is forecast to be 2 kilometres long and drop around 700 meters in altitude.

man jumping on skis in new piste in the portes du soleil

Eagle Park is the new name for the Nyon snow park which is getting a complete makeover for winter 2019/20. The secluded park will see a good extension and will be home to a whole host of new features to suit riders of all abilities. Set to rival the Avoriaz snow parks, this is a really exciting development for the Morzine ski area.

New Pistes in Avoriaz For Winter 2019/20

Winter 2019/20 will see the addition of three new pistes and a huge new two lift link to the Crosets/Champery ski area. Two of the new pistes will be touring specific pistes for uphill travel only. This is in keeping with Avoriaz’s commitment to improving its touring offering which saw a new piste go in for winter 2018/19. As well as improving the accessibility of the area, this expansion of the ski touring pistes should reduce accidents as it will separate those going up from those coming down.

The third new piste will run down from the top of the Mossettes lift and will be in the form of a red run called Les Cases. This new piste is set to be around 2.5 kilometres long and descend 445 metres in height.

2 men ski touring on new piste in the portes du soleil

New Pistes in Les Gets For Winter 2019/20

Les Gets is adding two new pistes for winter 2019/20, a blue run in the Perriers ski area and a ski touring piste on the stunning Mont Chery mountain. The Ranfolly bowl on the Chavannes side of the town sees the addition of a completely new snow cannon network and reservoir.

The new blue piste will run all the way to the Perriers lift station and parking area. Currently there is only one way down this side which is a fairly challenging red run so this new run will be a welcome addition for less advanced skiers and snowboarders. The Perrier car park is the first parking spot for those travelling up the valley for a days skiing so it does get very busy on the slope at the end of the day. Hopefully this new piste called Les trembles should help to reduce the crowding on the slopes. 

The new touring piste on Mont Chery will run the whole length of the mountain. Starting from the base of the gondola at village level, passing the mid station and finishing at the summit at 1826 metres. The new piste will gain 665 metres in altitude and is specifically for going uphill. This new piste will offer ski tourers and split boarders a dedicated and safe route up the mountain away from the downhill skiers and will pass through tranquil alpine forest and offer spectacular views from the upper half.

ski touring on new piste in the portes du soleil

So there you have it, that concludes our round up of the developments for the new pistes in the Portes du Soleil for winter 2019/20. What an exciting season its going to be with so much new terrain to explore. If you haven’t yet booked your Morzine accommodation then please drop us a line using the contact us form or browse through our exclusive portfolio of luxury Morzine self catered chalets and apartments here